Some of the greatest moments in life are those spent around a table enjoying good food and great fellowship.  There is something remarkable that happens in those minutes and hours gathered around these communal stalwarts of the home.  The collaboration of conversation, atmosphere, and sustenance becomes something greater than the mere sum of its parts.  An inexplicable moment of camaraderie develops that is all too fleeting in this ever-hectic world.

For nearly a decade I cut my culinary chops working as a chef in the restaurant kitchens of Chicago, as a personal Chef for Los Angeles’ elite, and now, in the interim, as the on-trek chef for Wilderness Collective. 


Food is a passion for me and I have purposed to use it as a complimentary fulfillment to my profession as a furniture maker.  As a thank you gift, one of my favorite things is to offer to host a first meal for you and your closest friends at your new dining table.  To me, there is no better way to use my abilities and share my delight  than to provide an evening of beautiful aesthetics, good conversation, and tasty nourishment.